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This is a special listing for 3 different 8x10" mermaid prints of your choice. Be sure to specify which ones you would like in your message at the time of checkout - whichever ones you choose, they are all vibrant and lovely!

SPECIAL - Any 3 8x10 Mermaid Prints of your choice

  • Each one is a high quality fine art print on thick, matte recycled paper with a quarter-inch white border around the edge. Each print is hand signed on the bottom right edge by the artist. The prints will be shipped flat between two pieces of cardboard to prevent bending, and protected by individual plastic sleeves. I take the utmost care to package my artwork securely and attractively - it will arrive wrapped with a ribbon and a card, so if you're sending it as a gift, please let me know what message you have for the gift recipient! The mermaids available are: 1.Black Mermaid 2.Pink Mermaid 3.Green Mermaid 4.Pale Blue Mermaid 5.Jellyfish Mermaid 6.Octopus Mermaid 7.Red Mermaid 8.Lavender Mermaid 9.White Mermaid 10.Gold Mermaid 11.Kelp Forest Mermaid 12.Coral Mermaid 13.Mermaid Transformation 14.Pale Pink Mermaid 15.Mint Green Mermaid 16.Huntress Mermaid 17.Arctic Mermaid 18.Mangrove Mermaid 19.Sea Snail Mermaid 20.Shark Mermaid 21.Lionfish Mermaid 22.Sea Urchin Mermaid 23.Pink & Pearls Mermaid 24.Leaf Coral Mermaid 25.Antler Coral Mermaid 26.Silver Merman You can see more of my art and illustration work at Thanks for looking!
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