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A set of 17 postcards, great for mailing, or keeping for yourself!

17 postcards featuring my watercolor mermaid paintings. They are printed on sturdy and thick satin card-stock, 107 x 139 mm, with a blank background perfect for writing your message. They also look great in a little frame if you want to keep them as decorative prints!

The sets come packaged as shown, snuggly packed in a protective plastic envelope. If you are sending this as a gift let me know, I can include gift wrapping and a message to the receiver! 

The set includes:

Shark Mermaid
Jellyfish Mermaid
Red Coral Mermaid
Sea Urchin Mermaid
Lavender Mermaid
Pink and Pearls Mermaid
Antler Coral Mermaid
Grey Merman
Mangrove Mermaid
Lion Fish Mermaid
Transformation Mermaid
Octopus Mermaid
Huntress Mermaid
Pale Pink Mermaid
Sea Snail Mermaid
Black-haired Mermaid
Mint Mermaid

Mermaids Postcard - 17 card luxury set