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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions I get - if your question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact me and ask it!

General Questions

What's Witchling?

An ongoing comic written and drawn by me, Renee Nault.


When do the new pages get posted?

I post new pages on the first of every month. How many pages varies - it could be as many as 20, but might be as few as 5 - Witchling isn't my full time job right now, so it depends.


How do you do the art?

All of the art is done in watercolour and ink. If you're interested in seeing the process of sketch to finished page, I post a lot of in-progress work on my blog!

Can I buy a print copy?

Right now you can buy issue 1 in my web shop. Issue 2 is coming soon!

How long is Witchling going to be when it's finished?

It's planned as 3 books, with eack book around 5 chapters/issues long.


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Story Questions  (possible spoilers)

What time period is the story set in?

The year is 1925.

Is the story set in 'our' world, or is it a fictional world?

It's not our world, but it is like it in many ways - it has a lot of the same history and geography. More will be revealed later in the story!

In that case, where's Lymes? Is it in a real country?

Lymes is on the outskirts of a fictional country called Andelle. 

I noticed a lot of the signs and labels are in different languages, especially French.

Andelle has two official languages, French and English (just like Canada!). Lymes itself has been owned or occupied (and eventually discarded) by so many nations and cultures that it's become a bit of a patchwork. People are used to it, and they get by just fine.

I also noticed the cats all have Roman names?

Andelle was part of the Roman Empire. The Romans brought the cats, and the names were passed down from cat to kitten. Cats are very proud of their lineage!

So the Romans built the wall?

Not exactly. It was already there when they arrived, but they made it much, much bigger. No one knows why.

How old is Jane?

19, almost 20.

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